The plaintiff is the person who addresses the Court in the name of the other members he/she wishes to represent. If the Court certifies the class action, this person becomes the group representative.

This person's role is, first and foremost, to present their file to the lawyer and to give the lawyer the mandate to initiate a class action. The person signs a written agreement in which it is confirmed that neither they nor the group members assume a financial obligation in the event that the class action fails.

The plaintiff, with his/her lawyer, addresses the Fonds d'aide aux recours collectif. The plaintiff collaborates in the preparation of the procedures by providing the information and documents at his disposal concerning his/her individual action or that of the members, if any. The plaintiff may also accompany the lawyer to Court at times.

The plaintiff, being neither an expert nor a jurist, has no obligation surpassing his/her knowledge of the case as a citizen. The plaintiff is supported and closely accompanied by professionals and his/her implication is not any more demanding than if he/she were acting alone in an individual action.