Due to its seniority, expertise and vision, Lauzon Bélanger Lespérance has played a leadership role in the area of class action law in Québec and this for many years.

Our firm has a solid experience in environmental law, insurance law, manufacturer's responsibility, financial services and consumer protection law.

For example, Lauzon Bélanger Lespérance acted on behalf of breast implant recipients, of policy-holders with insurance contracts with vanishing premiums, of the victims of the flooding in the Saguenay, of the Duplessis Orphans, of the victims of tobacco and tainted blood (pre-86/post-90) and of the carriers of Silzone cardiac valves.

Lauzon Bélanger Lespérance is involved in the community and with consumer associations and public interest groups in Québec in order to endorse their efforts.

Our belonging to a well-established network of specialized law firms across Canada allows us to pilot class actions with a national scope.

It is important to note that Lauzon Bélanger Lespérance is the only class action firm in Québec to have a member service incorporated to their team. This service offers members of class actions in which we act information and assistance at each stage including the processing of individual claims. We award a high importance to this service which we believe is necessary in the protection of our clients'rights.

For Lauzon Bélanger Lespérance, equity and justice go above and beyond the spirit which animates customer service. These principles are expressed daily by the constant awareness of the value of each person's contribution, to give each community their self-confidence back while trying to re-establish an equilibrium in the use of human and natural resources at all levels. From day to day, the firm makes an effort to apply such principles.

Therefore, by using recycled paper, the firm saves the equivalent of an average of 25 mature trees a year. Also, the firm enforces the policy of purchasing supplies and accessories that favour, where possible, products made by communities whose work is remunerated at its fair value. Furthermore, the author's rights of Mr. Michel Bélanger's work entitled : “La responsabilité de l'État et de ses sociétés en environnement”, published in 1994, were paid to the Centre québécois du droit de l'environnement, a non-profit organization founded by Mr. Bélanger, whose vocation is to promote citizens'rights to a environment of quality.

By way of the para-professional activities of the lawyers and members of its personnel, Lauzon Bélanger Lespérance, is known for its commitment to different community organizations that share the same values.

These activities and management decisions are but small contributions to a global transition in the values and priorities of

our society.